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Study Shows How To Lose Fat & Drop Over 3 Inches Of Stomach Flab

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With This New Inspirational Fat Shedding Method (In Just Weeks)…

  • Burn more calories making it easier to shed the excess weight, so you can reach your weight loss goal faster and easier.
  • Eliminate cravings for foods that make it hard to lose fat, so you can keep your sanity while you transform your body.
  • Keep the weight off forever, so you never have to diet or stress about weight loss again.
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Fat Loss Without Muscle Loss

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Weight loss does not equal fat loss. What it usually means is water and muscle loss with some fat loss.

So how do you lose weight and make sure that you keep your muscle (which means you actually lose fat).
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Bod-e-Volv Spotlight – Lisa Danielson


“You are fat, ugly, and I hate you!”

If you heard a mom say that to their child, how would you respond?

What about if it was a husband to his wife, or the wife to her husband?

Or what if it was someone to a stranger?

In all of these situations I would be appalled. I would consider each person abusive to the other.

But do you know where I hear this the most? When someone tells me what they tell themselves in the mirror every day.

These are the types of things we say about ourselves. Things we would never say to another human being.

Part of my mission is to change what we say about ourselves and how we think about ourselves.

It is always so refreshing when someone I’ve worked with, someone I’ve shed a tear with, and someone I care about deeply gets it. They realize how amazing they really are.

Lisa Danielson is one of those people.

She completed the Bod-e-Volv coaching program and is now a mentor to hundreds of women all over the world to help them improve their health, and their outlook on life.


Recently she wrote an amazing article titled “Loving Your Body…

I highly recommend heading over to the article and checking out what she has to say. Maybe her words will be exactly what you need to hear.

I also sat down with Lisa several months ago and interviewed her about her experience.

She shared with me:

  • How she overcame the overwhelming feeling of “What do I need to do to get my body back after having a baby”
  • The struggles she had as a vegetarian and how she stuck with her convictions, while changing the way she ate.
  • Her turning point that completely transformed her life and, ultimately, her body



Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to love you and your body?

I would love to help you do this.

If you are ready for a journey that you will never forget, that will change the way you look and feel, go a head and click the link below.

There you will find out more information about the Bod-e-Volv Bod-e-Transformation Coaching Program.

Get Started Now!

Bod-e-Volv Spotlight – Kara Murri Drops 8 Pants Sizes.


Are you a busy person?

Aren’t we all?

Well take a look at Kara Murri, She is a mom of 6, a blogger, and a superwoman.

And did I mention she is a mom of 6 KIDS ALL 7 YEARS OR YOUNGER!

Over a year ago Kara joined the Bod-e-Volv Bod-e-Transformation Coaching Program and did amazing.


Recently she wrote a blog post sharing her story.

You can check it out here.

I also sat down with her and asked her a few questions.

She shared with me:

  • The struggles of changing her life while taking care of 6 kids.
  • Little tricks of the trade on how to eat better and get your kids to enjoy the food also
  • and so much more

Check it out here.



Don’t lose muscle!

Rapid weight loss programs are great for short term, short lived success.

If you want long term fat loss, it has to be done another way.

I created another video explaining the problems associated with rapid fat loss programs.

Specifically what it does to your muscle.

My recommendation…

Check out this video.

Posted by John Gibson MS – Body Transformation Expert

Problems With “Water Loss” Programs

I felt absolutely awful, but I looked good.
A couple years ago I entered a body transformation contest, just to see how well I could do.
During the last week of the contest I wanted to look as lean as possible so I followed a little water manipulation protocol.
It basically involved drinking upwards of 2 gallons of water a day for a few days then eventually dropping it down to just one measly cup of water.
I also did somethings with the amount of salt I used.
During that last week I lost nearly 13 pounds.
But here’s the kicker… I gained back all 13 pounds as soon as I started drinking water and eating salt.


Too many programs out there are teaching these type of tactics.

They promise amazing weight loss, but know that they are scamming you.

Once they get your money, its not their fault that you gain the weight back. You must have done something wrong, or you weren’t strict enough with their impossible to live on program.

Here’s another video I put together for you about the problems with these “water loss” programs

Water LossDon’t do this if you really want to transform the way you look and feel.

Posted by John Gibson MS – Body Transformation Expert





Can you lose a pound of fat a day?

1 Pound Per DayFREE FAT LOSS COACHING:A certain woman’s post disgusted me.She’s promising people unrealistic and even harmful results (and she knows it). But like most people in the weight loss world, she doesn’t care. It’s all about the money.Is it possible to lose 1 pound of fat every day for 30 days? Find out in this video I made just for you.https://www.facebook.com/groups/391151861080310/

Posted by John Gibson MS – Body Transformation Expert

How to find the best fitting fat loss tools for you

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Years ago I was a pretty bad batter, until someone showed me that the tool I was using was the wrong fit for me. The day I made the change to a better fitting tool was the day my baseball career changed forever.  [click to continue…]

How To Strengthen Your Willpower – Part 3

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Here in part three of the strengthening your willpower series we talk about meditations roll in improving your HRV and strengthening your willpower.

Meditation decreases stress and improves your HRV to the point of strengthening your willpower beyond what you might expect. It does this through a very important mechanism.
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How To Strengthen Your Willpower – Part 2

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Here in part two of the strengthening your willpower series we talk about your heart rate variability (HRV).

A higher HRV improves your willpower. Here are the ways to improve your HRV. [click to continue…]

The Real Reason Why Sugar Is Not Good For You!

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Is sugar as bad as everyone says it is? To be honest I don’t think it its.

But I will tell you what I think the problem is. [click to continue…]