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Let’s Have a BBQ

Summer is just around the corner. Where I live I will believe it when I see it (it just snowed this morning).

When I think of summer I tend to think of food. With the 4th of July and the chance to get outdoors and BBQ.

Over the past couple of years I have been honing in my grillin’ and BBQin’ skills. Now I don’t consider myself the best Griller on the block. I still have a lot to learn.

That is why I reached out to Molly. Molly is a recent Bod-e-Volv graduate.


While I coached her I found out that she is an amazing chef. She has a Culinary Arts degree and is a pastry-chef-turned-gourmet-healthy-eating chef.

On a weekly basis she sends me a handful of recipes to test out. I struggle to find the best words to describe these recipes. Amazing, delicious, mouth-watering, etc. just doesn’t seem to cut it. Addicting may be the right way to say it.

Molly has been working with me and the amazing women we coach. She has added a component to the Bod-e-Volv Coaching Program that I love. She calls it Foodie Friday.

On that day she shares some cooking tips and recipes. The ladies in the group are just eating it up (pun intended).

Because I’m such a great guy and Molly is so generous we have decided to give you access to one of these videos and some of the recipes.

Because BBQ season is coming fast, we thought is was a good idea to share some tips on how to make a great marinade and a BBQ recipes.

You can find them below.



How To Stop The Yo-Yo Weight Loss – Interview


scamSaturday mornings I love to turn on the TV just to see the latest fitness gimmick.

My favorite is hearing the newest marketing term turned scientific principle.

Things like “Muscle Confusion” (sorry, but every decent coach or trainer has been doing this for years under the term “Periodization”)

When I see the results they show I always wonder if they are real or if they were able to keep the weight off long term.

And after hearing about the FTC suing three of these fat loss infomercial companies for false advertising, I wonder if these before and after people are just paid actors (don’t they all just seem to have the perfect personality… don’t they).

Ann has actually tried most of those As Seen On TV weight loss programs and has actually seen great results with all of them.

Only to gain the weight back.

Well things have changed for her.

She has lost 18.2 pounds and 6 inches off her waist and it is staying off.


List to what she says is different about her results.

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Fat Loss For The Imperfect


false beliefsWhy do we do this to ourselves?

We beat ourselves up over the dumbest things. We make a small mistake and the world is over.

Do you do this to yourself, or am I the only one who’s crazy enough to allow this self-criticism?

I mean seriously. The other day I had someone send me an email to set up an appointment.

I thought the email said “let’s meet Tuesday at 9 am.” (It was Tuesday at 11 am when I read it.

I replied with “I would love to meet with you but please give me more notice.”

Then I read the email again… After I sent my response of course.

They wanted to meet on Thursday not Tuesday!

I felt so stupid. All I could think about was how dumb I must have sounded.

We do this to ourselves all the time.

  • Ate a cookie while dieting –> I am so weak!
  • Skipped a workout –> Why am I so lazy?

Here is the truth. We don’t have to be perfect to reach our fat loss goals.

In this interview with heather you will see how her realization that perfection is a myth freed her to see the results she wanted to see.


After the video make sure to check out my take on an imperfect fat loss journey.

Heather is a fighter and I love her as a friend.

Fat loss goals must be achieved imperfectly. Otherwise we wouldn’t learn about ourselves.

The important thing is what we do when we make a mistake.

This is what change in real life looks like.

Stage 1: Screw up for a day –> feel bad –> screw up more –> feel worse —> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 2: Screw up for a day –> feel bad –> screw up more –> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 3: Screw up for a day –> feel bad –> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 4: Screw up for a day –> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 5: Screw up for an hour –> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 6: Screw up for a few minutes –> remember I don’t have to keep doing this –> get back on track

Stage 7: Consider screw up –> remember “that never works” –> decide otherwise

So there’s a lot of steps between our old patterns and never making a mistake! And even after we get to that Level 7 event, we can still dabble in levels 6 and 5.

Give yourself time to unlearn your bad habits, you’ll mess up a’plenty on the road to change. But you’re still on the road.

Taken from Georgie Fear

What stage are you at? Share with us in the comments below.

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Interview With Busy Mother Of Two

Cover Image

Molly B. Before

I’ll bet her weight loss struggles are harder than yours!

If you have a sweet tooth you know how hard it can be to turn down an amazing pastry.

You know.. one of those cupcakes that are so perfectly created.

And when you bite into it, it seems to hit every pleasure sensor your mouth contains.

It is tough to pass up on one of those.

Now imagine being the one who creates those tiny packages of sweet perfectness.

Also imagine if making these amazing creations was your best stress reliever.

This was Molly’s dilemma!

She is an amazing pastry chef. I know because about 14 years ago I was the recipient of her creations on a regular basis.

Now with 14 more years of experience under her belt and a culinary arts degree, I can only imagine how amazing those treats would be.

I had the chance to talk with Molly and discuss how she was able to take that passion in the kitchen and make amazing creations that have helped her:

  • Molly Blose 26 pounds;
  • completely transform her body;
  • and emerge as an immensely more confident woman, mother, wife and friend.

Watch the interview below to see what she has to say.

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Resolutions Done Right!

New Years Resolution

It’s New Year’s Resolution Time, and chances are you are going to fail… again!

As long as we keep listening to conventional wisdom about goal setting and resolutions we are never going to succeed.

Every year we get the advice to set realistic goals, write our goals down and track our progress.

So we religiously write down our resolutions. We have countless apps and computer programs that make tracking our progress easy. Also I will argue that most of our resolutions are in fact realistic.

The most common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, stop smoking and spend more time with family. These seem very realistic to me. The problem isn’t that we set a goal of losing 100 pounds and then only lose 50-75 pounds or even 10-20 pounds.

The problem is that we set a goal to lose 100 pounds, then either do not lose any weight, or even worse, gain weight.

Forbe’s magazine recently reported that only 8% of people succeed at keeping their New Year’s resolutions. So the chances of us succeeding this next year isn’t looking very good.

Let’s try something new this year. Let’s break away from conventional wisdom and do what works.


What Are You Sacrificing?

12-17-2013 2-35-57 PM

It is so hard to give something up!

Our family recently found out that we are going to have a new baby in the family.

I have come to the realization that I am going to be sacrificing a lot for the baby.

  • Sleep (up every 2 hours… what!)
  • Comfort (rocking the baby when I’m tired)
  • Money (babies run through diapers like cheetahs through the savannah)
  • Clean clothes (have you seen how much babies can spit up?)
  • And the list goes on

But I am excited and can’t wait to meet this new person! You got that right… I. Can’t. Wait!

I knew about these sacrifices before we decided to have one more child, and believe me we considered some deeper sacrifices.

We have already been through the sleepless nights with two others. So we know what we are getting ourselves into

Every Choice Is a Sacrifice

The thing is every single decision we make has an associated sacrifice. Some worse than others.

Selecting one food item off the menu sacrifices all the other choices.

Not having another child sacrifices all of the potential memories and experiences we could have with that child.

What sacrifices are we making with our fat loss goals?

Could these sacrifices be keeping us from our goals?

In today’s video I discuss sacrifices and how we can make the right choice to help us reach our fat loss goals.

What are you sacrificing by not allowing yourself to change?

What sacrifices are you willing to make that will allow you to live the life you want to live?

Leave your comment below!

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Why Is It So Hard To Get Motivated?

12-4-2013 1-43-23 PM

The other day our power went out, and on that day it just so happened to be a -15 degrees outside.

When I woke up the house was freezing. I didn’t have the motivation to do anything.

All I wanted to do was stay in bed and cozy up to my wife.

But I needed to get up… school had been closed for the day and my kids were going to get up soon.

Did I have the motivation to get out of bed and start a fire in the fireplace… NO!

That was the last thing I wanted to do. It required me to go out into the bitter cold and grab some wood, chop it and get the fire going.

If you know me very well you know that I absolutely hate the cold.

I would rather be in 120 degree weather over 40 degree weather… let alone -15!

But you know what… I went and did it. Not because of motivation…but because of the responsibility to take care of my family.

Motivation Shouldn’t Stop Us!

In life we have moments of motivation, but most of the time we don’t. This shouldn’t stop us from succeeding.

In today’s video I’ll teach you how to get your workout in and keep your fat loss going without being motivated… Heck… I’m rarely motivated to workout and eat right.

What are your thoughts?

Have you every had a moment of no motivation but still did what you needed to do to succeed?

Have you ever started something without motivation and saw your motivation increase as you did the activity?

Let us know about it in the comments below!

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How To Enjoy Thanksgiving And Keep The Weight Off

11-19-2013 4-25-23 PM

I’ve been thinking about some things lately.

A couple months ago I was finishing up a competition that I entered. A 12 month muscle building competition. The goal was to put on as much muscle as possible

I think I did a pretty good job.

11-20-2013 7-33-19 AM

Towards the end of the competition I needed to lose some extra fat I had put on by eating enough to put on the muscle.

11-20-2013 7-33-26 AM

To drop the fat and lose nearly 30 pounds I put a tight control on everything I ate.

The moment I became strict with my meals, my family and I had one party after another and one family get-together after another. Which always involved food. Food that wasn’t conducive to my goals

To make sure I reached my goal, I brought my own meals.

Right smack in the middle of this strict eating was a party. The setup of the party made it impossible for me to bring my own food. So I had to figure out a different way to enjoy the party and food without plateauing or stalling my weight loss. Let alone gaining weight.

So I devised a plan, and the awesome part is… it worked.

With thanksgiving coming up, and after that other holiday meals that will inevitably ensue, I wanted to teach you the plan I followed to help me reach my goal, and the plan I will be using this Thanksgiving.

Download The Thanksgiving Workout Program Here

Make sure to check out the comments section to see my last technique that I used to help me reach my goal and that I will use this thanksgiving.


Calories Matter, But Don’t Count


Standing in front of a crowd of people eagerly waiting to hear the secrets to fat loss.

I started out, “everyone who loves counting calories, please raise your hand.”

I wasn’t really surprised to see no movement, except for the turned down chins as people scoffed at the notion.

That is correct, no one in that group loved counting calories, let alone liked it.

As of today I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys it.

Recently the debate about caloric counting has come to life. Both sides of the debate are hot and both sides make very valid points.

But the problem is that both sides are missing the big picture.

In today’s episode I set the record straight

Unless You Are Looking To Strut Your Stuff On Stage Counting Calories Is Useless!@Evolv_Fat_Loss

Forget counting calories. Lets use other tactics that will help us control our calories and give our bodies the nutrients it needs.

1. Work your way towards eating whole foods.

If you are not there today make one small step to get a little closer tomorrow.

2. Watch your portion sizes

Use your hand to keep score.

  1. 1 palm of protein
  2. 1 fist of vegetables
  3. 1/2 to 1 cupped hand of carbohydrates
  4. 1 thumb of fat

(Men Double Everything)

3. Eat Mindfully (This is an update from the video)

This will be covered soon

4. Figure out what you are going to measure

Weight loss and fat loss are two very different ways of measuring.

5. Outcome based decision making

Adjust your program based on your progress. Just make sure to make small adjustments. A complete overhaul could take you towards the wrong goal.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

Share your comments below.

Your comment could change the life of someone who reads it.


What Is The Best Breakfast For Fat Loss?


Starting your day off right is important to your success in any area of your life.

What you eat – or what you don’t eat for that matter – can affect the rest of your day in huge ways.

As of today all of the major health organizations are recommending a breakfast that will:

  • Increase your hunger in a few short hours
  • Impair your cognitive abilities
  • Prime your body for fat storage
  • Potentially cause you to have stronger cravings throughout the day

So what is the best breakfast to eat?

More importantly…

What is the best breakfast for fat loss?

In this video you will learn:

  • Why breakfast can be important.
  • The building blocks of a good breakfast.
  • How certain foods can boost your metabolism, brain power and drive to succeed.

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The real secret to fat loss is consistently doing a little better every day! @Evolv_Fat_Loss


I hope you enjoyed this video.

Here are my three favorite breakfast recipes

Asian Scrambled Eggs


Women – 2, Men – 1


  • 6 egg whites, plus 2 whole omega-3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 6 medium scallions (green onions), chopped
  • 10 snow peas, quartered
  • 1/2 bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 tsp peanut oil
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce


In a skillet or wok on medium-high heat, brown the garlic and ginger in half of the oil (1 tsp). After a couple of minutes, add the mushrooms, snow peas, and pepper. Stir-fry until the mushrooms start to brown and lose most of their moisture, and then add the chopped scallions.

Stir-fry for another couple of minutes while drizzling half of the soy sauce over the mixture, and then remove the vegetables from the skillet. Add the remaining oil, then the eggs.

When the eggs start to bubble around the edges, stir them with a spatula until scrambled. Just before the eggs are completely cooked, add the vegetables and mix thoroughly. Serve warm, with the remaining soy sauce drizzled over the top after cooking.



Women – 2, Men – 1


  • 1/2 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder or milk protein blend
  • 1/2 cup berries (fresh or frozen, your choice of berries)
  • Stevia, to taste
  • Dash salt
  • Dash cinnamon


Put the oats in the water. Cook in the microwave for 5 minutes. Stir in the milk salt, cinnamon berries, and Stevia. Lastly, add the protein powder and mix completely. The oatmeal should have cooled slightly before the protein is added. Very hot oatmeal can damage protein powder, causing it to lump and sour.

Chocolate Blueberry Shake


Women – 2, Men – 1


  • 12 oz water
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup fresh spinach or ½ cup frozen spinach
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter


Combine all the ingredients into a blender. Blend until the top of the shake starts to look glossy. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Do you have any favorite breakfast recipes that would be great for fat loss?

If you do, please spread the love and share them in the comments below.

Seriously. For anyone who is working towards reaching their fat loss goals any extra help or good tasting, healthy meals are always welcomed.

Your recipe may help someone reach their goal.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your recipes!